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Achieving for Children
AfC Virtual School

Virtual School for the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames
& the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead

Radio Aspire Youth – RAY

Listen to RAY!



Another chance to hear you favourite shows

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Bedtime stories

The Tortoise and the Hare

A radio station for children in care.

AfC Virtual School has a school radio station.  This is your station and we really want you to get involved.    We are lucky  to work with Neil Long who presents the Breakfast Show on Radio Jackie.

New shows are broadcast every Wednesday 6-7pm and repeated daily.   We are applying for funding so that we can employ an ex-care leaver with Broadcast Media qualifications as an Apprentice.   If this sounds like you and you want to develop what we believe to be the first Children In Care Radio Station in the country then get in touch!

If you can sing, play an instrument, DJ, read a poem or tell a joke please also get in touch as we would love to feature you on a show. 

Why do we have a Radio Station for Children in Care?

  • To give our students a chance to learn a new skill
  • To build confidence and celebrate success
  • To create a sense of belonging – it doesn’t matter where you live, you can listen to your Radio Station, and know you are a very important part of our school.  Also, we can visit your physical school and record you presenting or performing.  So get in touch!
  • It is fun to take part and fun to listen to!

So what happens on the show?

In our current Wednesday 6pm show we have a blend of great music, lively news stories, celebrity gossip (Sting RAY)  and at the end of the show our bedtime story.   We do our best to have something for all ages so do check us out and let us know what you think.  If you think you can do better we want to give you the chance!  So contact us via email on the Contact page.

Regular Features

  • Sting Ray – Celebrity Gossip
  • X RAY factor – Celebration of achievement and talents
  • RAY Bands – news of concerts, bands  and reviews of new releases
  • Your Bedtime story!

For Sleepy Listeners young and old

We have a story that must be told

Of Knights and Princesses

Fame and Glory

Radio Aspire Youth’s Bedtime Story!




We want to reassure you and your Carers that we avoid live broadcasts, name checks or phone ins.  Every precaution is taken to protect you and your safety matters a great deal to all of us here!